Management policies regarding to provisions of language services

We understand our responsibility regarding to the highest quality of provided services , as our main commercial tool to satisfy our customers.

For that reason we proclaim that we consider policies regarding to quality of language services as a key marketing product and the core of the business philosophy of our company.

We are fully aware that the quality of our services is determined by systematic adherence to and exceeding of internal standards related to instance, professional and technical provision of language services, to which we subordinate our procedures.

We are conscious, that the real evaluation of quality services is an outstanding, loyal and growing clientele, to which we are committed to the maximum possible extent. The success of the client, after all, is also the success associated with provision and operation of language services by E.M.G.

We devote our undivided attention to controlling adherence to the said standards, because they are directly connected with the level of client satisfaction and quality of service. Preservation and improvement of the excellence and customer contentment is an enduring priority of the company.

We devote a steady attention to communication with the client about his needs, requirements, level of services rendered and requirements for improvement. This is fulfilling the company principles regarding to policies of quality.

We systematically follow technical developments and adjust to them, we work them in and also outstrip the achieved technical standards on the market of language services.

We care about the quality of services, which is our fundamental pillar and we devote our attention to all complaints, the causes of which we investigate and without delay take remedial action in order to eradicate them instantaneously.

Implemented values of multifaceted language services by E.M.G....