Južná trieda 93/303
040 01 KOŠICE
Slovak Republic

Material for translation can be delivered to:
By mail and or personally: (na horeuvedenú adresu).

Contact person: Marcinová Danka

e-mail:       emg@dodo.sk | emg@emg-kosice.sk | emg-kosice@emg-kosice.sk

facsimile:   +421 55 6782709

telephone: +421 55 6780159
                +421 55 6250115

mobile:      +421 903650160

www:        http://www.emg-kosice.sk

Upon request, either, by telephone or through e-mail emg@dodo.sk, we shall promptly mail to you our Price List, pursuant to our services.

General Terms and Conditions pertaining to Translation and Interpretation Services:

Basic Conditions:

  • Costs associated with travel, accommodation, meals and other reasonable out of pocket expenses, during the services rendered by the Interpreter are borne by the customer.
  • For extensive interpretation services, either in the Slovak Republic and-or abroad, it is possible enter into an agreement with prices determined for the particular order.
  • Eventual claims apply within the expiration period.
  • The customer agrees to supply the material, which is the subject of translation, in an understandable form and in commonly used programs, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Parties to the agreement shall covenant and agree with each other to abide with general terms and conditions prevalent for provision of stipulated services, above all, discretion and confidentiality regarding to the content and type of service, translation storage in accordance with codes and other mutually agreed conditions.