E.M.G. Company was established in the city of Kosice, Slovak Republic in 1990. The corporate address of the company is at Juzna Trieda 93, Kosice, and Slovak Republic.

Areas in which we provide Translation and Interpreter Services, among others, comprise: Engineering Industry, Power Industry, Economics, Medicine, Law, Textile Industry, Timber Industry, Metallurgy, Electro-technical Industry, Computer & Electronic Technologies, Social Areas, Movie Scripts, Software and any other activity which requires a prompt na quality servis.

Language services provided by E.M.G. Company is the response to the market, which is currently even more remarkable after the arrival of several foreign investors to the Slovak Republic. Our position can be attributed to intensive commercial, industrial, social and personal connections with individuals and organizations abroad. The other important aspect to our business is also the entry of the Slovak Republic into the European Union, which actually transpires to our long term co-operation with venerable Slovak Corporations in their quest to enter the foreign markets, as well as, our co-operation with foreign firms coming to the Slovak Republic.

Capacity wise we have at our disposal, on a computed basis, approximately 30 40 translators, which represents on a per capita basis about 200 translators. They are all professionally and expertly trained and are perpetually evaluated within our quality management system. The individual translators are grouped, in accordance with and subject to their professional expertise, in a particular field or branch. The all have the ability of graphic processing the texts on the highest levels, which translate into professional quality of translations not only as to the content but also to its quality of finish.

The aim of our work is to provide complete language services and thus to satisfy our customers accordingly to their requirements, which are important to facilitate services in such a language, extent and time frame as it is necessary.

Co-operation with foreign firms and local corporations with foreign shareholding, for us represents work within the framework of quality management, in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2000, for which we are certified and it is a hallmark of our activities.

The value of our company is in the people, their abilities, customs, skills and their education. We are dedicated to support and enhance on a systematic and long term basis.

Our company can provide you with translation of technical documentation pursuant to significant investment activities, both at home and abroad. We provide translations of standards required for granting of licenses for our clientele, we translate custom, corporate and personal documents that are necessary for travel abroad. If the need arises court certified translators could verify them in any given languages.

Our company provides first class complex language services in the specter of main world languages (and or certified services) and standard services in the specter of defined languages.

It is of course an integral part of our business to maintain the highest ethical principles, stringent self discipline and confidentiality when handling sensitive business and personal documentation, required for translation.