What additional services can we offer, what do others not offer

What can you gain ...

  • Speed : if required, swiftly without delay.

  • Quality: perpetually controlled within the framework of standard procedures stipulated by STN EN ISO 9001:2009 with aim of continuous improvement.
    - performed in accordance with standard STN EN 15038

  • Proficiency: high degree of expertise and intellectual ability, all translators guarantee perpetually improving competence (university or higher education, selection, control, special courses and re-training)

  • Equipment: all our translators have at their disposal perfect technical support through the latest state of the art software and hardware.

  • Reliability: each and every order is centrally recorded and continuously monitored through reporting system and subsequently put in safekeeping, at least for a period of one year; unless there is a particular request to extend the storage.

  • Timing: there is a 24 hour coverage (constant service) in time and space through all currently available communication systems; Internet, telephone, mobile and facsimile.

  • Information: to our partners we provide a high degree of instructive language information on an “as per need basis”.

  • Flexibility: we can respond fast and adopt without problems to your individual requests, while maintaining high quality parameters and safeguards, with aim to become a dependable operational element of your management and organization in conjunction with its specific needs.

  • Costs: saving time and overheads while maintaining a high output language service.

What can you save?

Time is Money !

If you intend to increase your staff, please take a pen and a calculator to work it out:
  • costs associated with educating and maintaining the qualification level of your employee,

  • salary and taxation expenses,

  • accommodation, equipment and maintenance costs associated with one permanent position; office space, electronic, communication & office technology, rental and energy costs …….,

  • costs pursuant to allowance for service personnel (office cleaning, system administration, maintenance and technology repair …),

  • Cost of relevant management personnel, and

  • Running costs and other outgoings.